Classic permanent eyeliner is when pigment is filled between lashes to create the look of thicker darker and fuller lashes. A bold permanent eyeliner is applied across the eyelid in a classic straight line like makeup application. 

Microblading   Powder Brow

Lip Liner   Blushing


"Never underestimate the power of an eyebrow."

Lip Liner:                                                                                 $250.00

Lip Blushing:                                                                         $275.00

Lip Liner/Blushing combo:                                             $525.00

All permanent make-up requires a regular touch-up to keep it looking fresh and new. 

      6 week - 12 month touch-up on ALL permanent make-up services $200.00                                    

24 months & up touch-up $250.00

$50 Non Refundable Down Deposit

     48 HOUR CANCELLATION REQUIRED                 


With microblading, a super fine blade is used to apply hairlike strokes and makes the final appearance very natural looking. With powder brows, a machine is used with a pin-dot application. Combo brows combines the two together to get a little bit of both looks. 

It reduces or eliminates your everyday makeup routine.

If you've lost hair or pigment due to over plucking, cancer, or aging.

If you are highly sensitive to cosmetic. makeup and have trouble wearing it. 

It builds confidence and helps you feel good about yourself!

Why should I consider Permanent Makeup? 

Permanent makeup Artists  

April Carr    Mary Fanta    Arielle Urig      

Lip liner can be applied to give more definition, correct uneven lips, which will result in a fuller appearance. It also minimizes the appearance of wrinkles. Lip blushing adds color to your everyday look. 

Microblading:                                                                       $350.00

Powder Brow:                                                                       $400.00 

Microblading/Powder Brow Combo:                          $550.00 

Eyeliner (Top or lower eyelid):

Classic:                                                                                       $300.00

Bold:                                                                                           $325.00